Dear Clients,

First of all, Quyet Tien Security Services Co., Ltd sincerely send to clients our respectful greetings. We wish you always abundant in health, happiness and success in all business activities.

Since 2002, Quyet Tien has constantly changed, improved the quality of security services to meet the needs of legitimate protection of clients, bringing satisfaction to clients.
With that result, Quyet Tien is continuously awarded certificates of merit, medal and title by Dong Nai Public Security Department, honored to be appointed by People's Committee of Dong Nai Province to be the Chairman of Dong Nai Security Services Enterprises Association from 2016.

Quyet Tien always strives for the highest position to affirm its position and brand in the field of security services, fulfilling the responsibility entrusted by People's Committee of Dong Nai province.

Currently, the scale of security services is expanding. Quyet Tien has signed a cooperation agreement with many individual clients, businesses, large and small companies in Dong Nai province and neighborhood.

With the slogan "Safe at all times, happiness in everywhere”, Quyet Tien's development goal is to provide the best protection services to clients, with the security guards trained in martial arts, equipped with modern support tools, skilled in first aid, evacuation, practice of fire prevention and fighting (FPF) operations, quick handling of emergency situations, timely prevention of disturbing acts of disorder. Quyet Tien security forces always work devotedly with high responsibility, positive and attentive service attitude.

Quyet Tien always takes the satisfaction of clients as a goal for sustainable and long-term development and looking forward to becoming a reliable partner of clients. Coming to Quyet Tien security service, clients will always receive social security, asset safety and mind assurance.

Wish clients always meet many advantages and achieve many successes!

Best regards,

Quyet Tien Security Services Company Limited

International transaction name: QUYET TIEN SECURITY SERVICES CO., LTD

Abbreviated name: CÔNG TY TNHH QUYẾT TIẾN

Business registration No: 3600448695 - Department of Planning and Investment of Dong Nai Province issued for the first time on 28/03/2005; Granted 4 times on 26/06/2018
Charter Capital: VND 2,000,000,000

Headquarter: BN4-LK38, N1 Street, Vo Thi Sau Residential Area, Quarter 7, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai

Hotline: 0902 320 779 - 0919 079 026 - 0913 936 633

Telephone: 02513.917 379 – Fax: 02513.817 798

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With the scale and capacity of expanding, our security services are being trusted and cooperated by hundreds of domestic and foreign clients in and out of the province, contributing to stabilize the material and spiritual life of our all employees.

We are always aware of the obligation to pay full tax in accordance with the law, as well as full implementation of regimes and benefits for all employees.

The responsibility and cooperation of customers is a great motivation for us to constantly learn, absorb and listen to ideas for improvement and increasingly perfect to meet the higher needs of society and customers.

When establishing, Quyet Tien has defined its mission, which is to bring asset security, mental peace, become an indispensable link in the operation of the business, that is protection and preserve the assets of the business.

Not only that, we also ensure customers in the thorough handling of incidents that occur by coordinating with industrial park police, local police, mobile patrol forces of Quyet Tien.

In professional gifts, though careful in business and training people, certainly can not measure all the risks. In order to prevent risks for our customers and the bodyguards, we have purchased various types of insurance, such as a strong commitment to the customers and the bodyguards regarding the security of choosing Quyet Tien as a translator. security service. We are aware of our highest responsibility to bring peace of mind for our customers and the Quyet Tien bodyguards.

Training of security operations carried out and certified by Dong Nai Public Security 

Training on fire prevention and fighting (FPF) operations carried out and certified by Dong Nai Fire and Rescue Police Department


The Departments have their own functions, tasks and closely related to each other according to the business process of Quyet Tien.

CEO: Is the highest leader, responsible for comprehensive management, responsible before the goverment for business efficiency, staff life and other parts of the company. CEO is responsible for directing and guiding all departments to carry out the work, directly purchase and sell and sign contracts.

Permanent Deputy Director: Assisting the CEO, on behalf of the CEO to manage the tasks assigned by the CEO.

Deputy director of Professional Security: Managing and operating the Professional Security Department, responsible for professional training for the security forces, approving the security plan.

Professional Security Department: Is responsible for the professional work of protecting, developing and implementing the operational plans, managing and regulating all activities of all security teams.

Accounting Department: Supervising all financial expenditures, managing the capital, taking responsibility for synthesizing finalization reports, carrying out accounting operations, setting up books and vouchers as prescribed by the Ministry of Finance, regularly providing economic information to help the Board decide all economic activities in the enterprise financially.

Sales Department: Deploying business plans including marketing, trade promotion, sales as planned by the Company. Report of business results and business plans for the Board of Directors monthly.

Technology Department: Researching product technology, installing products, warranty products after installation and coordination with the Professional Department to survey and build the construction of the combination of equipment and people.

Human resorce Department: Responsibility for the recruitment, transfer and management of employees, construction and implementation of policies on labor, social insurance, welfare, etc., supervising the administrative activities.

Patrol team: As a force to increase discipline and strength for security guards at sites, unexpected inspection of the work of security guards at the site, quick support for unexpected incidents.

Site security team: Directly perform the security at the site according to the approved security plan.

Security service enterprises are operating under Decree No. 52/2008 / ND-CP dated April 22, 2008 of the Government on security service management and business. In Dong Nai, there are nearly 138 enterprises providing security services, these enterprises have effectively contributed to the protection and preservation of enterprises' assets.

The security service forces have frequently coordinated with the local police in preventing crimes and preventing fire and explosion at enterprises, contributing to ensuring security and social safety in the province.

With experience and achievements in security services, Quyet Tien Security Services Co., Ltd has been:

- Appointed the head of the campaign committee to set up Dong Nai Security Service Enterprises Association under the decision of Dong Nai Public Security Deparment on March 20, 2015. By the end of October 2015, more than 70 enterprises submitted applications to the Association.

- Appointed Mr. Pham Ba Chau – Deputy Director of Quynh Tien Security Services Co., Ltd – to Chairman of the Association according to the official letter of Department of Home Affairs of Dong Nai Province, recognized the Association Executive Committee, the Inspection Committee of Dong Nai Security Service Enterprises Association.

The purpose of the establishment of the Association of Security Service Enterprises is to:

- Gather, unite, cooperate, support and assisting business associates in their work to develop their profession.

- Improve the quality of services and business efficiency, protect the legitimate interests of its members, contribute to the socio-economic development of Dong Nai and the country.

The proposal to establish association with the approval of:

- Dong Nai Province Police

- Department of Justice

- Department of Home Affairs

- Dong Nai People's Committee

The documents here are one of the approved proposals and decisions:

Note: The Chairman of DN-SSEA: The Chairman of Dong Nai Security Service Enterprises Association.


(0251) 3 917 379


BN4-LK38, N1 street, Vo Thi Sau Resident Area,
Quarter 7, Thong Nhat Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province



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