Quyet Tien Leadership is a responsible team, we firstly put the long-term benefits and sustainable values ​​that clients receive first and realize these are the survival goal of our security services. We mean referring to the word FAITHFUL and PROFESSIONAL in the service delivery principles and the process of realizing those principles. Thereby, Quyet Tien's security services have been trusted, used and maintained by clients for a long time, which is considered a part of the strength of their business development. We are proud of the values ​​that Quyet Tien has contributed to our clients over the past 18 years.

The difference is that the Board of Directors and the Management Officers are the leading individuals, highly specialized, senior in investigations and security. This is a good lever to help Quyet Tien offer security solutions quickly and close to reality for clients.

Here are some activities of the Board of Directors in social activities and security operations:

Former General Secretary Le Kha Phieu with Quyet Tien's Leadership and Security force at the Construction Exhibition in 2008 

Quyet Tien's Leadership with Mr. Duong Trung Quoc - National Assembly member of Dong Nai province, and General Le Van Dung - Deputy Minister of Defense.

Colonel Huynh Tien Manh, Director of Dong Nai Public Security Department attended the conference on the evaluation of the operation results of Dong Nai Security Services Enterprises Association.

Mr. Pham Ba Chau, Deputy Director Quyet Tien, Chairman of Dong Nai Security Services Enterprises Association spoke at the conference.

Mr. Nguyen Phu Cuong - Member of Party Central Committee, Party Secretary of Dong Nai Province and Major General Nguyen Phi Hung attended the ceremony and cut the ribbon to open the road and bridge in Phase 1 - Long Hung Urban Area, on May 1, 2010.

Major General Nguyen Phi Hung attended the closing ceremony of 2017 and gave instructions 

Representative of the Board of Directors, Deputy Director Pham Ba Chau, received the instructions.


Every year, Quyet Tien has regular training program to review and improve professional skills for captains, patrol team and all security guards working directly at sites.
The program is directly trained by Dong Nai Public Security Department including Professional Security, Fire Pevention and Fighting (FPF) operations, as well as legal knowledge. After the course, all security guards will go through practice and final examination, if certified, will award certificates for each item.

Here are some pictures of the training:

When doing actual work at the site, the skills trained in the professional training program will be applied. In addition, there are separate requirements according to the characteristics of the client's business.

Quyet Tien with over 18 years of experience, has served a variety of customers doing business in many different fields such as: Industrial parks, buildings, factories, cargo warehouses, container car park, hospitals, schools, conferences, exhibitions, events, fairs, ...

Our experience is an invaluable asset. For clients using security services for the first time, or clients who are using security services (not Quyet Tien is providing) and do not feel secure, we are ready to give free advice on security plan, or make our comments about the effectiveness of clients' current security plan. Thereby, helping clients to be aware of the risks at their site and the core security tasks to be achieved through the development of security plan, requirements for the quality of security guards, the necessary support tools and optimizing shift, ... We will bring our experience to serve clients.

The following are the basic operations and some actual photos at the sites that Quyet Tien is working on:

Event security service is one of the outstanding activities of the Quyet Tien security forces. With experience in protecting events from the early years of establishment. With experience in security for events since the establishment, until now, Quyet Tien has successfully implemented many typical events in many different fields on a large scale.

The events that we perform have dozens of security guards, with tens of thousands of attendees. Attendees of the event were guided and helped enthusiastically by the security guards, which attracted the attendees of the event and praised by clients.

The advantages that are evaluated well by clients are: Surveying to set up security plan;organization and implementation of event protection; young, dynamic, uniform protection force with professional skills and concentration at work; handle sensitive situations well.

Quyet Tien also has a backup patrol force to quickly rescue inciting and disturbing cases, bringing safety and complete success to the event.

Some events and vivid images are recorded as follows:

In addition to the professional work at the goal, Quyet Tien regularly organizes sports movements to enhance solidarity between the guards, improve morale and health to ensure the best for the job.

Activities that are usually organized are: Chess competition, running competition in various distances, football, and karaoke, ...

Some photos of the movement:

The concept of Leadership Decision Tien "The giving is to get it back". Although the material value is not large, but with the care for the community and the children of the bodyguards, Quyet Tien also has a plan to support poor households in difficult circumstances, or children have missed circumstances. Through this program, we are more fully aware and deeply aware of the role and responsibility of businesses to society, increasing the awareness and kindness of each employee when participating in the program.

Accordingly, every year Quyet Tien has a gratitude program for the children of the staff and bodyguards who are good students, creating a party with many colors and lots of funny sounds to help them. play space, parents have conditions to exchange, get together in Quyet Tien family. Thereby, giving practical gifts to stimulate shelves and encourage children to study well.

Some heartwarming and adorable photos from these events:


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