Through 15 years of operation and growth, the greatest effect that Quyet Tien brings to customers is to ensure the security and safety of people and property for customers. Every year, Quyet Tien security forces have detected and handled hundreds of thefts. The property handed over to the customer is worth hundreds of millions of VNĐ.

Some typical cases are as follows:

In 2004:
At the Company C., the security forces checked and found 120kg of aluminum material hid in the forklift, which was handled by the police and the property was handed over to the client.

In 2005:
There was a fire at the chemical store M. Company Ltd. Quyet Tien’s security forces used fire extinguishers and tippers in place to timely extinguish without serious consequences.

In 2007:
At the Company A., the security forces detected the truck carrying scrap hidding more than 150 finished clothes worth over 15 million VNĐ.

In 2010:
At T. Factory, the security forces detected and handled truck driver carrying 150 liters of oil without the parking list. The security guard had made a record of keeping the person and material evidences that handed over to the client.

In 2011:
At Company V., the security forces checked the truck carrying 430kg of manganese silicon worth VNĐ 70 million, which was handled by the police and the property was handed over to the client.
At the construction site B., the security forces arrested a property theft of 2000kg of iron that had been tied up in the column. The thief escaped and the property was returned to the client.

In 2012:
Early in 2012, there were two incidents that were in Company G., the security forces had detected, ambushed and arrested of three guys when they were stealing a 300m coil weighing nearly 100kg worth nearly VNĐ 50 million preparing to disperse. The case was handled by the Long Thanh Industrial Park Police and the property was handed over to the client.
At the construction site P., after detecting signs of suspicion, the security forces stopped the truck carrying raw materials to the gate and found that nearly 2 tons of iron was not allowed to ship. The security guard asked the driver to remove the iron from the truck and reported to the owner and The Public Security of Quyet Thang ward.

In 2013, 2014:
At T. Wood Company, S. Company and T. Factory happened a lot of fires, the security forces promptly detected and extinguished them in place, leaving no consequences.

In 2015:
At the beginning of 2015 at Company P., the security force detected and arrested a truck carrying fraudulent 2000kg of finished product and interior bran which was recorded in a report to the customer for handling.

In 2016, about the theft:

- On the 5th floor of S. Hospital, after the occurrence of 1 burglary case 4 expensive mobile phones were intruded by 2 outside subjects. Through the camera screen of the hospital, through professional measures, the NV-BV Division collaborated with the Thong Nhat Ward Police Department to quickly find the defender and recover the property returned to the victim.

- At target P., thanks to the vigilance of the security guard, a truck driver carrying 10,040 kg of bran finished with the controller's signature. The delivery bill is worth up to VND 140 million. The security force has made a report to the manager for handling, and the interior has been rewarded by the manager.

- At K. Hospital, the security guards through the inspection and control discovered 1 female sanitation worker hiding in a bag an infusion bottle and a medicine box weighing about 0.5kg, worth more than VND 5 million. . When being prepared, the involved parties request a retraining for the security guard to pass VND 500,000, but due to the professional ethical qualities, the security forces still resolutely make a record and report it to the managing owner as prescribed. . Interior is hot reward by the owner.

- At Amata belt, fence area of ​​company P., during the patrol, the target director discovered that there were suspicious signs, so they should search and control 2 young men carrying 2 sacks, inside containing more than 100 bottles. Fresh water of company P .. The case has been made a record of handing over people and material evidences to the Industrial Park police station for settlement according to its competence.
Total assets recovered in the year were over VND 300 million.

About the theft:

On March 5, 2017 during a patrol, Quyet Tien's security forces at company L ,. Nhung was found to be a thief. After searching 02 plastic bags, we found 53 bottles of 880 ml milk and 19 milk bottles with sugar. Internal affairs were recorded in writing by the BV to handle.

On June 7, 2017, at S. Company, while on duty at A4 position, security guard Quyet Tien discovered that Hoang Quoc Q. was a spray workshop worker spraying 19 wooden sticks of material wood (semi-finished). products) to the fence to steal, protect the timely confiscation of material evidences and make a report to the customer for handling.

About the fires:

On February 13, at the position of the wood processing workshop of company P., there was a fire of dust collectors about 40 m long. Quyet Tien security forces coordinated to use water cannons and sprayers to extinguish the spot. After 1 hour the fire was extinguished and left no consequences.

At T. Factory, on April 10, 2017, while patrolling the Quyet Tien security forces, there was a burial landfill burnt due to over-heated lime waste. The security forces coordinated the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police using sprays and water cannons to promptly extinguish the incident.

The portrait of "good people, good deeds":

On May 29, 2017 at the 5th floor of K Hospital, while on patrol, Ms. Uyen - Guard Quyet Tien, picked up the wallet which contained USD 1,350 and VND 5 million. She came to report to the Hospital Administration Department so that they would notify P.'s family member to receive back all the dropped money.

After receiving it, the person who dropped it was very happy, thanked and gave back Uyen 100 USD and 500,000 VND but she strongly refused. This action was exemplified by the manager of Quyet Tien's security guards to all doctors, nurses and hospitals in the whole system in Vietnam. Once again, the Board of Directors praised Ms. Uyen's work ethic and professional ethics and asked the Commander of the targets to launch learning emulation and follow her example.

Thanks to the good implementation of the task of protecting the security and property safety for customers, contributing to the movement of social security protection of Dong Nai province, so from 2008 to now, it has been awarded by the Director of Dong Nai Police Department. certificate of merit and is considered a leader in the movement to protect political security and social order and safety.

In the beginning of 2015, Dong Nai Police's Board of Directors introduced and appointed as the Head of campaigning to set up Dong Nai Association of Service Enterprises. In December 2015, it was trusted by Member Enterprises to decide on the leader of Quyet Tien Security Company as Chairman of Dong Nai Service Business Association.

At the end of 2016, Director of Dong Nai Police Department continued to receive certificates of merit for the movement of security protection and was the leading unit of Dong Nai Association of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Quyet Tien is committed to 10 benefits customers receive based on the platform, quality of service goals and the actual work done:

Consult and make a free security plan.
Clients will understand more about the risks where they want to protect and what to do.

Ask clients of Quyet Tien about us for an objective reference channel.
We always uphold the honesty and responsibility of each security guard at work.

Support tool is always an effective arm to help security guards have more strength and confidence when working.
We always have adequate support tools for each site and special emergency situations.

No clients have complained about this.
We are committed to having security guards 24/24 on the number of positions in accordance with the security plan approved by both parties.

We do it right away.
After that, we find out the reasons and solve the problems of clients' insecurity.

Depending on the season or time of the year, we proactively propose to our clients the optimal and effective arrangement of forces to avoid waste.

Quyet Tien commits to the responsibility of compensating assets within the scope of security plan.
We have full property insurance for clients.

Just call Quyet Tien, we act.
Leave the burden of human management to us.

As a force to increase discipline and strength for security guards at sites.
Unexpected inspection of the work of security guards at the site; Quick support for unexpected incidents.

Security forces have wide and deep coverage. We ensure the sites that Quyet Tien is protecting will receive prompt and timely support from the patrol force and the neighboring security force.


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